<img src="2010/vgp_cover.jpg" style="float: right.jpg" title="Marlins are delighted to announce the release of two brand new CBT Courses.

Vessel General Permit (VGP)

The new United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Vessel General Permit (VGP) imposes stringent requirements for the control of waste from ships in US waters together with fines and criminal prosecutions for non-compliance.

This new computer based training course has been developed by Marlins to train both sea and shore staff in this complicated new regulations.

Catering and Hygiene

<img src="2010/catering_cover.jpg" style="float: right.jpg" title="These two computer based training courses come on one disk and have been developed by Marlins as a source of additional information to Chief Cooks and Galley Staff.

The Catering course includes 16 cooking demonstration videos and over 140 recipes from various ethnic cuisines to enable Cooks to prepare meals for mixed nationality crews.

Food handlers have an ethical responsibility to safeguard food so that it does not cause illness or harm. Galley workers are directly responsible for ensuring that the food served onboard is not only tasty but also safe. The Hygiene course covers topics including personal hygiene, high risk foods, how contamination occurs and how to prevent it, cleaning & disinfecting, pest control and the HACCP principles.

<img src="2010/akademia.jpg" style="float: left.jpg" title="We are pleased to announce that Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland and Ukraina Maritime Agency, Ukraine have been approved as the latest Marlins Approved Test Centres.