The UK Bribery Act 2010 will come into force in April 2011 with legislation that is tougher than anywhere else in the world. This new legislation has a global reach and if your company operates in the UK it will apply to all your staff worldwide.

The Act includes a specific corporate offence which requires companies to demonstrate that adequate procedures are in place to prevent or minimise the opportunities for bribery by employees and agents. Adequate procedures need to include company-wide training to demonstrate your company’s anti-bribery policy.
In preparation for the enforcement of this legislation, Marlins is introducing a new online course: Business Principles.

View a demonstration of the course here.

Important Announcement

From 14 February 2011 there will be a small price increase in the Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff from 10 USD to 12 USD per test. This will be the first price increase since the test was launched in 2007 and will ensure continued development and improvement of the product.

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