We are pleased to inform you that both our Marlins security titles, “Security Awareness” (STCW VI/6 p4) and “Security Duties” (STCW VI/6 p6) have now been flag approved by LISCR.

Both courses are available online for individual purchase and study via Marlins’ security training site, www.stcwsecurity.com.

The cost per student for “Security Duties” is USD 80 and for “Security Awareness” the cost is USD 50. It is also possible for companies to bulk purchase licences for multiple crew members.

The courses include a full assessment and a printable certificate awarded upon achieving the requisite passmark. Certificates are issued with full approval from the Government of Liberia.

“Security Duties” expands on what is learnt in “Security Awareness” and provides additional, practical information for crew members who are more likely to face a security threat, such as bridge watchkeepers or gangway staff. STCW defines these individuals as “sea staff with designated duties”.

To purchase the course visit our shop.