Catherine Logie, Marlins & Robyn Dally, HA Group

Catherine Logie, Marlins & Robyn Dally, HA Group

Holland America Group’s Seattle office has become the first Marlins Approved Test Centre in the USA.

Catherine Logie, Marlins Manager, recently completed an audit of the Seattle HA Group office.

Their newly-acquired Approved Test Centre status enables HA Group’s Seattle office to offer onshore Marlins STCW Security and English Language testing to crew members from any of the HA Group brands. This provides a valuable crew testing solution, allowing HA Group’s ships to focus their time on other essential onboard training.

Holland America Line has been using Marlins testing since 1997, and the relationship continues to thrive with the Approved Test Centre certification of the entire Holland America fleet and HAL training facilities located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in the Netherlands.

Through partnership with Marlins, Holland America Line was able to ensure compliance with STCW Security certification for all its crew prior to 1st July 2015.

Marlins has a worldwide network of Approved Test Centres. Contact us for more information on becoming a Marlins ATC.