Marking IMO’s Day of the Seafarer, Marlins and the charity, International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) have created a new elearning course to help seafarers prevent and prepare for piracy attacks.

Although there have been no successful attacks off Somalia for some time, piracy, armed robbery and kidnapping of seafarers in West Africa and Asia are a current concern. Indonesia recently released advice to vessels in the area to avoid certain danger areas, such as the South Philippine waters of the Sulu Sea, fearing piracy could rise to Somali levels. In some countries, training on piracy has become compulsory for seafarers prior to departure.

Over the past four years, ISWAN’s Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme has become a leading provider of piracy awareness training for seafarers. Based on industry best practice guides, ISWAN’s training courses give companies and manning agents a template for helping seafarers and their families deal with cases of armed robbery and piracy attack.

This interactive new elearning course on piracy, which draws on ISWAN’s expertise, provides seafarers with an understanding of anti-piracy measures and promotes strategies for dealing with an attack. The course focuses on ensuring seafarers have the mental resilience to remain strong during their ordeal. It also addresses the issue of post-traumatic stress, explaining what it is, how seafarers and their families can cope with the condition and where they can get help.

Roger Harris, executive director of ISWAN, said: “The experience of seafarers who have been attacked shows the benefit of preparation, training and drills. This new e-learning course will be a valuable addition for seafarers to learn about the issues of attack and capture without having to be in a classroom setting.”

Catherine Logie, manager of Marlins said: “With insight into how devastating a pirate attack can be for seafarers and their families, ISWAN and Marlins have combined their knowledge to provide practical guidance to all seafarers who may be at risk of piracy. This new elearning course brings piracy issues right up-to-date and makes industry best practice available to seafarers in any location.”

The new course will be available later next month (July) via the Marlins online shop and will be included in the next update for all subscribers to Marlins eLearning Suite for Seafarers.



Marlins has partnered with Martek Marine to create a new elearning course on gas detectors, which aims to help seafarers identify hazards associated with enclosed space entry.

A hot topic in the marine industry, exposure to unsafe atmospheric conditions represents one of the most serious hazards on board. Marlins’ new elearning course, which brings the technical material to life through interactive and engaging content, allows seafarers to review and enhance knowledge by working at their own pace.

An assessment is built into the course, enabling vessel owners and managers to check their crews’ understanding and track results of learning.

Mike Pearsall, product manager at Marlins said: “As a leader in the innovation of safety and environmental marine systems, Martek Marine was the partner of choice in the development of this safety course. With an advanced range of fixed and portable gas detectors available, Martek Marine’s team ensured the subject matter is both accurate and accessible.”

Steve Coulson, director of Martek Marine, added: “We were keen to collaborate with Marlins on this initiative to support best practice when using gas detectors and to demonstrate Martek Marine’s commitment to the safety of lives at sea, without solely focusing on our product lines.”

The new course is available via the Marlins online shop and will be included in the next update for all subscribers to the Marlins eLearning Suite for Seafarers. The course will also be offered to all Martek Marine clients as an additional training aid for their gas detector and calibration packages.

Marlins is the leading brand in training solutions for the shipping industry. Working closely with industry partners, Marlins provides high quality, cost-effective training courses and assessment products, which comply with the rigorous standards required by the shipping and offshore industries.

Martek Marine is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of marine equipment across the globe – we’re dedicated to making your fleet compliant with safety, environmental, medical, and navigation marine regulations.