Safety is everyone’s responsibility; working safely is a condition of employment and will always be supported by managers and supervisors at every level.

Although we are proactive in many areas of HSE we continue to harm our colleagues and friends in incidents that could have been avoided.

Everyone has a personal duty to their families, colleagues and employers to act responsibly.

The Purpose of this course is to emphasise the importance of safety and improve our safety performance through teamwork, education and collective responsibility.

The aims of this course are to:

  • raise the profile of the thinkSAFE campaign and the reason behind it
  • cover Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) policies and principles
  • introduce you to behavioural safety
  • understanding the impact of “at risk” behaviour
  • cover the safety observation programme

An approximate time of 1 hour is required for completion of the course and assessment.

Contact us for more information on how this can be customised to meet your HSE policies.