Marine Safety

Our Marine Safety Training Package for Contractors has been specifically designed for shore based staff who carry out work on board with no seagoing experience (e.g. service engineers, sales and marketing personnel etc). This includes 3 components:

  • an E-learning course (available in English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
  • a Marine Safety Handbook, and
  • a Training Workshop

After completing this training, you will be fully prepared to carry out your duties in the marine environment in a safe manner.

In this E-learning course you will cover:

  • an overview of a vessel, the crew and some of the rules and regulations that govern the shipping industry
  • joining a vessel at a terminal or shipyard
  • methods of boarding
  • the vessel familiarization tour
  • hazards on board
  • managing the risks through Risk Assessment, Permit to Work and Lock Out / Tag Out
  • personal safety and hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

An approximate time of 2 hours is required for completion of the course and assessment.