Section A-VI/2, paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of the STCW Code and includes requirements for training in:

  • general safety features on board
  • location of essential safety and emergency equipment, including life-saving appliances
  • importance of personal conduct during an emergency
  • restrictions on the use of elevators during emergencies
  • effective communication with passengers during an emergency.

This type of training is typically conducted onboard at a time when crew have just embarked, many for the first time, and are consequently less able to retain important safety information. In addition to this, the time taken to carry out this mandatory training onboard can also effect the vessels day to day operation.

With this in mind Marlins have a developed a model eLearning course that meets the STCW requirements. Training is delivered in a consistent and flexible way, with crew able to access elearning material anytime they want and wherever they may be, enabling them to set their own pace. As a result, this self-directed learning can help to increase crew retention, especially when supplemented with face-to-face practical training where required.

Contact us to find out how we can produce a bespoke version of this mandatory training for your fleet/vessel, so that the crew can be familiarised with your fleet/vessels specific information prior to embarkation, leading to a better understanding of safety, environmental and security features.