The team at Marlins would like to express our immense respect and gratitude to all seafarers around the world who through their hard work and continued resolve are keeping vital supply lines open around the globe during these unprecedented times.

Being separated from family and friends for long periods is nothing new but in these times of uncertainty and concern even the most robust seafarers  are challenged. It’s at times like these that  people’s mental health and wellbeing is most at risk.

Keeping an optimistic and positive view is not easy, which is why Marlins is offering all seafarers free access to the following module from our Resilience Programme – “Keep Things in Perspective”

The complete Resilience Programme is made up of 10 short modules designed to provide seafarers with long-term tools to cope with the stresses caused by the work and life pressures they may face.

If you would like to receive free access to the Keep Things in Perspective course, please email us at and request your free licence. Please share  this information with your colleagues, who may also benefit from the course. The deadline for submissions is 31st May 2020.

These are challenging times for us all but we would like to reassure all seafarers, customers, Marlins Approved Test Centres and the global shipping community that we will continue to support you.

We can produce bespoke elearning content, turning your existing classroom training materials into elearning for example. We also offer  our full catalogue of flexible elearning and online assessments.

From everyone at Marlins, we wish your seafarers safe sailing and good mental and physical health for you and your loved ones.

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