We are delighted to announce the launch of our first new e-learning course of 2016, “Painting and Surfaces“. Developed in partnership with AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business, this new global training solution supports the effective onboard application and maintenance of marine coatings. Painting and Surfaces combines the expertise of AkzoNobel’s marine coatings business and its market leading brand International® with Marlins’ advanced capabilities in training development and delivery, creating an e-learning programme that supports the long-term maintenance and performance of coatings.

Onboard maintenance of marine coatings plays a key role in protecting a vessel during its docking cycle by ensuring minimal risk of corrosion and the maintenance of a ship’s overall cosmetic appearance. Effective onboard maintenance of marine coatings also helps to reduce necessary remedial work and associated costs when a vessel comes to dry dock,

Painting and Surfaces is designed to be undertaken by any seafarer with responsibility for marine coatings. Highly visual and engaging imagery is used throughout the course to maximize user understanding of the subject matter.

Robert Wong, Marketing Director of AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business explains: “There are significant benefits of undertaking effective onboard marine coatings maintenance, both in terms of reducing long-term operational costs and improving a vessel’s overall maintenance and operation standards. Painting and Surfaces deconstructs the complexities of coating application, and educates a ship’s crew in an easy-to-understand and approachable manner.”

Mike Pearsall, Product Manager, Marlins, adds: “In a truly global industry such as shipping, the importance of delivering effective and universally understandable training solutions is key to furthering seafarers’ learning and development. By applying AkzoNobel’s in-depth knowledge and experience of marine coatings to an interactive e-learning course, we’ve been able to effectively communicate the importance of marine coating application and onboard maintenance to seafarers.”

“Painting and Surfaces” will be included in the next update to the Marlins eLearning Suite for Seafarers. The course can also be purchased by individuals via the Marlins online shop, as well as being available to clients of AkzoNobel marine coatings brand International® as part of their package or as an optional add-on.

For more information on Painting and Surfaces please visit http://www.international-marine.com/seastores and https://www.marlins.co.uk/elearning/painting-and-surfaces/