Marlins Services

Marlins services help companies to implement complete assessment and training systems throughout their organisation. We work closely with our clients to devise solutions to meet the needs of each company.

Included in our range of services is the delivery of one-off training sessions, the set up and management of training programmes at crewing sites worldwide and the development of bespoke training products.

Test of Spoken English (TOSE) Training

Test of Spoken English Training

We offer training for companies wishing to implement the Test of Spoken English (TOSE) or Spoken English for Cruise Ship Staff (SPEACS) as part of their recruitment / training systems.

The training is a 1 to 2 day workshop designed to demonstrate the use of the TOSE or SPEACS. The main aims of this training session are to:

  • standardise procedures between organisations using the TOSE / SPEACS
  • ensure that grading is in line with ICS, Marlins and UK MCA standards

This workshop gives interviewers the opportunity to observe demonstrations of TOSE / SPEACS interviews and to practise conducting ‘live’ supervised interviews. The Marlins trainer provides personalised feedback to each interviewer. Training can be conducted on site at any location.

Cross Cultural Training

Cross Cultural Training

With the increase in the number of multi-cultural crews in both the maritime industry and offshore sector, cross cultural awareness has now become an integral part of recruitment and training.

Different cultures possess different values and belief systems, and in order for crews to operate effectively it’s essential to have some understanding of such differences.

This is a practical course based on real-life situations in the form of communicative interactive scenarios. We examine why cultural misunderstandings arise and look at realistic ways of resolving these issues.

Interviewing Skills Workshop

This is a bespoke interactive course that offers practical solutions on how to make interviewing more effective, consistent and standardized.

Objectives of the workshop include:

  • The top 10 hiring mistakes
  • The structure of the interview
  • Asking probing questions
  • Selecting key competencies
  • Effective note-taking
  • Evaluation
  • Checking CVs and following up references
  • Interpreting non-verbal communication
  • Dealing with common problems and difficult situations

Contact us for more details on this course.

Train the Trainer

Marlins trainers offer professional development programmes tailor-made for maritime training professionals including Maritime English trainers.

Courses are designed to help trainers revise and improve training methodology and techniques and offer new ideas on materials development.

Language Audits

Language Audits

Marlins can conduct language proficiency audits either on board or ashore.

Audits are held to gauge the language level of the crew in order to identify training requirements and offer effective training solutions.

Previous language audits have been undertaken for office staff in Scotland, Norway and Greece as well as on board numerous ships.

English Language Testing and Training Management

English Language Testing and Training Management

The implementation and management of in-house ELT programmes. Marlins has experience of setting up flexible ELT programmes to suit the training requirements of leading ship managers. Training can be conducted at crew supply centres and / or on board ships using local instructors selected and trained by Marlins.

We can offer testing and training systems to take account of the different language training needs of multi-national crews.