Marlins Test Platform ( is currently down for maintenance and will be available again from 17:30 (GMT) on 10th September. We apolgise for any inconvenience.

We are delighted to welcome three new Approved Test Centres in India to our network. Bibby Ship Management have had two offices successfully audited, the Sir Derek Bibby Maritime Training Centre in Mahim, west Mumbai and their office in Andheri, east Mumbai.

AIMS Institute of Maritime Studies have also had their office in successfully audited in Central Business District, Belapur, Mumbai. All three audits were carried out by Captain Robert Vaz.
Contact us if you are interested in joining the Marlins Approved Test Centre Network.

We are now delighted to announce that the Marlins STCW titles, “Security Awareness” (STCW VI/6 p4) and “Security Duties” (STCW VI/6 p6), have now been approved by the UK MCA. Both courses offer a variant for seafarers (deck and engine) and a variant for cruise ship staff (hotel and other departments).

The MCA approval permits home study of course material, but assessments for MCA certification must be undertaken at one of our global network of Marlins’ Approved Test Centres (ATCs). There are now approximately 150 ATCs across 30 different countries; any third party agency or company may choose to apply to undergo a Marlins audit and join the network.

Marlins Security eLearning, approved by the Government of Liberia, has now been available for some months.  This new approval offers an alternative means for gaining certification.

To purchase the course visit our shop.

We are pleased to inform you that both our Marlins security titles, “Security Awareness” (STCW VI/6 p4) and “Security Duties” (STCW VI/6 p6) have now been flag approved by LISCR.

Both courses are available online for individual purchase and study via Marlins’ security training site,

The cost per student for “Security Duties” is USD 80 and for “Security Awareness” the cost is USD 50. It is also possible for companies to bulk purchase licences for multiple crew members.

The courses include a full assessment and a printable certificate awarded upon achieving the requisite passmark. Certificates are issued with full approval from the Government of Liberia.

“Security Duties” expands on what is learnt in “Security Awareness” and provides additional, practical information for crew members who are more likely to face a security threat, such as bridge watchkeepers or gangway staff. STCW defines these individuals as “sea staff with designated duties”.

To purchase the course visit our shop.

In response to recent changes made to 2013 Vessel General Permit (2013 VGP) and MARPOL Annex V and VI, Marlins has updated our CBTs: ‘2013 Vessel General Permit’ and ‘Environmental Awareness Version 3’.

Order your copy now via our online shop.

Please note that the price of Marlins tests will be increasing from 1st May 2013.

Dear User,

The Marlins Online Test Centre was launched in July 2007. Endorsed by the International Shipping Federation (ISF), it is recognised and accepted by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) and other flag states, including Ireland and Bulgaria, as evidence of English language competency for seafarers. A number of employers worldwide, including cruise companies and oil majors, rely on Marlins testing as an objective means of seafarer assessment.

Throughout April, Marlins will be launching a new interface for the Online Test Centre which will include a graphical dashboard, new certificate formats and additional security features, ensuring the standard and integrity of the test is maintained. We are committed to regular updates of the test databases and we shall be launching completely new test content over the coming months. We shall also be renaming the Online Test Centre to the “Marlins Test Platform”, in order to reduce confusion with Approved Test Centres and to reflect the planned introduction of additional test services in the next year.

To support these improvements and the ongoing upkeep of the Marlins Test Platform, it is necessary for us to implement a small price rise this year.

What will the cost be?
From 1st May 2013, the Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers and Cruise will increase from USD 12 to USD 14 per test, while the Test for Offshore Workers will rise from USD 20 to USD 25 per test. We believe that this continues to represent excellent value.

Discounts for bulk purchases will continue to be available on the following revised basis:

1000 to 1999 tests – USD 13 per test
2000 to 2999 tests – USD 12 per test
Over 3000 tests – USD 11 per test

For the Seafarers, Cruise and Offshore tests, this is the first price increase since February 2010.

Can we purchase tests at the existing price, before the rise?
Yes. It will be possible to bulk buy tests at the current rate of USD 12 per test (with current discounts for orders of over 1000 tests) up until 30th April 2013.

What is the period of validity of the current version of the test?
Test credits currently in your account and test credits purchased before the price increase will not expire, whether they are used before or after 1st May 2013.

Does the upgrade affect Marlins Approved Test Centres?
The cost information above applies to all users of the Marlins Test Platform, including Approved Test Centres.

This major upgrade will also see the introduction of a new certificate for Approved Test Centres only, in order to recognise the added value and security of a Marlins test undertaken at an Approved Test Centre. It is therefore essential that all Approved Test Centre administrators ensure that details held by Marlins are accurate and up-to-date. Please check your information at .

If you have any queries, please contact us by email:

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued use of the Marlins Test Platform.

Warm regards,

A warm welcome to our first new Approved Test Centre of 2013 – Trade Wind Co. Ltd in Yangon, Myanmar, a manning agency in Myanmar specialised in crewing business with a winning combination of management and quality control.

Visit their company website.

Carbon emissions caused by shipping could be reduced significantly if operational efficiency is improved on a large number of ships. Even a small improvement in operational efficiency across the global fleet can have a significant impact on carbon emissions.

SEEMP become a mandatory tool from January 2013 and training is an essential part of the requirement. Marlins SEEMP Course will guide seafarers and vessel operators on how to reduce energy consumption onboard and implement a SEEMP.

View a demonstration of the course here

Marlins is delighted to team up with Karishma Consultany Services (KARCO), developers of safety video for the shipping industry.

KARCO offers a range of training video which can now be purchased from Marlins.

View the list of KARCO products here.

A warm welcome to PT. Sinar Samudera Resource Global SSR, our new Approved Test Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia. Global SSR a private owned company, which specialises in crewing and ship management. Visit their website