IMEC27 ended last week with a tribute to Peter Trenkner who is stepping down as Chair after 21 years at the helm. The 4 day conference included presentations and workshops on every aspect of Maritime English, including the use of technology for self study by seafarers.

We were honoured to have IMO’s Head of Maritime Training and Human Element attend: Mr Milhar Fuazadeen gave a keynote speech on the importance of Maritime English in supporting effective communication at sea.

Clive Cole of World Maritime University and Catherine Logie of Marlins were nominated as Chair and Vice Chair of IMEC respectively. Catherine Logie and Clive Cole summarised the revision of the newly published IMO Model Course 3.17, Maritime English. The updated publication is now available from IMO at the price of GBP 60.

Marlins would like to thank Peter Trenkner for his leadership and inspiration; as well as Zafirah, Rohana and all the Local Organizing Committee of NMIT Johor Baru for organising a productive and memorable event!

Our International Trainers – Tandy and Kathryn – recently ran an intensive Maritime English Language training course at the Teekay Training Centre in Glasgow, UK.

The bespoke 10-day course was developed specifically for a group of Spanish seafarers who needed to improve their overall English language level, including their spoken English competence. Using a highly interactive, student-centred approach, the seafarers were immersed in English for the full 10 days and participated in cultural and research trips to enable them to practise to the full extent.

Results were excellent with all seafarers improving by one language level. One participant commented: “The course was very enjoyable. I will be able to practise my English in conversations on board.

Catherine Logie, Marlins & Robyn Dally, HA Group

Catherine Logie, Marlins & Robyn Dally, HA Group

Holland America Group’s Seattle office has become the first Marlins Approved Test Centre in the USA.

Catherine Logie, Marlins Manager, recently completed an audit of the Seattle HA Group office.

Their newly-acquired Approved Test Centre status enables HA Group’s Seattle office to offer onshore Marlins STCW Security and English Language testing to crew members from any of the HA Group brands. This provides a valuable crew testing solution, allowing HA Group’s ships to focus their time on other essential onboard training.

Holland America Line has been using Marlins testing since 1997, and the relationship continues to thrive with the Approved Test Centre certification of the entire Holland America fleet and HAL training facilities located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in the Netherlands.

Through partnership with Marlins, Holland America Line was able to ensure compliance with STCW Security certification for all its crew prior to 1st July 2015.

Marlins has a worldwide network of Approved Test Centres. Contact us for more information on becoming a Marlins ATC.

Thursday 16 July, 2015

We are delighted to welcome two new Approved Test Centres in India:

Mike Pearsall, Product Manager at Marlins, recently completed the two successful audits.

Girik Institute of Maritime Studies - audited June 2015

Girik Institute of Maritime Studies – audited June 2015

Ryan Ship Management - audited June 2015

Ryan Ship Management – audited June 2015

Contact us if you are interested in joining the Marlins Approved Test Centre Network.

Monday 13 July, 2015

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Marlins are pleased to announce our co-operation with UK-based charity, Human Rights at Sea (HRAS), on the development and endorsement of a new e-learning course addressing the rescuing of migrants at sea.

The new course, entitled “Humanitarian Response”, aims to provide learners with:

• An understanding of the reasons why migrants and refugees choose a sea route
• Suggestions for planning and preparing ship and crew for possible involvement in large scale rescue operations
• Guidelines and suggestions for vessels involved in the rescue of large numbers of migrants or refugees at sea.

“Humanitarian Response” builds on practical experience from private maritime security companies (PMSCs), vessel owners and managers, combined with the important legal and humanitarian perspectives. The aim is to address a significant knowledge gap in the maritime industry; ensuring an effective and efficient response to crisis scenarios involving migrants and refugees.

Mike Pearsall, Product Manager at Marlins, explains the rationale for this new e-learning course:

“We are seeing harrowing scenes in the media of the often deadly journeys taken by migrants and their traffickers through the Mediterranean and South China seas. The SOLAS Convention was never designed to accommodate large-scale rescue operations of migrants, so seafarers are facing an unpredictable challenge that they are not currently prepared for.”

David Hammond, Founder of Human Rights at Sea, adds:

“Whilst the rescue of migrants and trafficked people at sea seemingly represents an unwelcome additional burden to an overstretched shipping industry, the legal and moral obligations cannot be ignored. The issue is no longer an exception, but may well become a norm as the migrant flows continue north through Africa and from the Middle East. This new and important training provides officers, crew and companies with up-to-date information to help prepare for an encounter with migrants and trafficked people in danger at sea requiring the duty to render assistance to be undertaken by commercial vessels. HRAS is pleased to be involved in its development and delivery.”

Today, 1st July, is the enforcement date for Port State Control to ensure full compliance with STCW Security Training.Security Awareness Certificate

All personnel employed or engaged in any capacity, on board ships required to comply with the ISPS Code, must now hold an STCW Security Certificate of Proficiency at a level commensurate with their duties. For the first time, this applies to all hotel and concession staff, as well as seafarers.

Over 6,000 individuals from 104 countries have now undertaken Marlins STCW Security courses to ensure they obtain their STCW Security certificate.

Holland America Line has implemented Marlins’ online solution for UK MCA approved Security Awareness Training across their entire fleet and shore locations.

V.Ships, Silversea, Steiner and many other companies have also opted to use Marlins’ STCW Security training – selecting from our Liberian, IOM and UK MCA approvals.

Click here to choose your appropriate course and obtain your Marlins STCW Certificate of Proficiency.



We have recently completed filming of a new training video on navigational safety, covering themes such as passage planning, bridge resource management and working with pilots. 

Filming took place over 3 days, on board the CSCL VENUS, between Felixstowe and Rotterdam.

Thank you very much to Captain Gavryov and his crew for welcoming us on board and supporting us throughout.

© Chris Pearsall Photography 2015

All Marlins Security Courses are Flag Approved

All Marlins Security Courses are Flag Approved

As the compliance deadline of Wednesday 1st July fast approaches, our client Genesis Personnel are very busy running Marlins STCW Security training at their Approved Test Centres. Moira Murawiecka of Genesis Personnel explains:

“It’s been a busy month here at Genesis Personnel as we have been running multiple ship security duties/awareness courses and tests ahead of the 1st July deadline. Seafarers requiring these courses must have them completed by this date to ensure they meet the new regulations. The STCW Code as amended by the Manila amendments (2010) contains new requirements regarding security training. This training is required by all personnel employed or engaged onboard ships to which the ISPS Code applies. These regulations came into force on 1st January 2012. However, Port State Control officers have been requested by the IMO not to enforce these regulations until 1st July 2015, which is now fast approaching! To get qualified to meet these regulations don’t delay, book today!”

Click here for more information about our STCW Security eLearning courses with 3 flag approvals.

On board HAL's Nieuw Amsterdam ship - new ATC audited June 2015.
On board HAL’s Nieuw Amsterdam ship – new ATC audited June 2015.

We are delighted to welcome Holland America Line’s ship, the Nieuw Amsterdam, as Marlins’ first on-board Approved Test Centre. The audit was successfully completed in Italy on Monday 1st June.

Holland America Line have adopted Marlins’ STCW Security Awareness training course with UK MCA Approval to ensure compliance before the enforcement date of 1st July.

Click here for more information about our STCW Security eLearning courses with 3 flag approvals.

Marlins' first Approved Test Centre in HCMC, Vietnam - opened May 2015
Marlins’ first Approved Test Centre in HCMC, Vietnam – audited May 2015.

We are delighted to welcome three new Approved Test Centres to our network:

Contact us if you are interested in joining the Marlins Approved Test Centre Network.