A new global training course has been released to support the effective identification, inspection and maintenance of ship’s piping. “Pipeline Inspection” has been developed using the expertise of The Standard Club in loss prevention and based on the guidelines developed with RINA Services. It has been created by maritime technical training specialists, Marlins, to be easily accessible to all crew in an online e-learning format.

Pipelines have a number of functions on board the vessel, from conveying cargo to carrying water and fuel around the vessel. Due to its location, pipework can often be neglected, causing major disruption, time off charter and costly repairs should it fail. Pipeline Inspection offers a practical guide on the types of pipework that can be found on board, advice on effective maintenance and suggestions for repairs in the event of pipe failure.

Pipeline Inspection is designed to be undertaken by any officer with responsibility for pipeline inspection and maintenance. Highly visual and engaging imagery and diagrams are used throughout the course, to maximise user understanding of the subject matter, resulting in the effective identification, inspection and maintenance of ship’s piping.

Eric Murdoch, Chief Surveyor at The Standard Club, said: “Everyone knows about the effect of corrosion on a ship’s hull, but few people consider the effect of corrosion on piping. Pipes pose a hidden danger, a danger that is often forgotten or ignored. This course has been designed to help support the long-term maintenance and performance of onboard pipework, to ensure the smooth running of the ship.”

Catherine Logie, Manager of Marlins, said: “The delivery of effective and universally understandable training solutions is key to furthering seafarers’ learning and development. By applying the industry-leading knowledge and experience of The Standard Club and RINA Services to an interactive e-learning course, we’ve been able to effectively communicate the importance of pipeline inspection and maintenance to deck and engine officers.”

Pipeline Inspection will be included in the next update to the Marlins eLearning Suite for Seafarers. The course can also be purchased via the Marlins online shop and is available to The Standard Club members at a discounted rate, further details will be sent.

For more information on Pipeline Inspection, please visit https://www.marlins.co.uk/elearning/pipeline-inspection/